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The dob on King William is

The Outside world doesn’t matter here

When you walk through our doors, we want to make sure all the cares and concerns of life outside are left at outside. Come on in! Take some time for yourself while enjoying a dob experience that will relax, recharge and remind you that who you are matters in and of itself. We pride ourselves on being the following:

All inclusive

Community driven

Gluten free

Our Food

Come to the dob and enjoy a gluten free experience. Our kitchen is 100% dedicated in creating food that does not contain any of those nasty grains, meaning you can order anything without worrying about getting sick!  That’s right, any piece of food that lives under this roof contains none of that nasty gluten.

Cafe Near Me
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Enjoy Our

Alcohol. Its fair to say Simone and Alex enjoy the research phase almost as much as selling it to our dob family. As a small bar we like to punch well above our weight in terms of product range  so you will see many of the favourites from the Duke of Brunswick also on our lists here.

Book a Function

The Cafe is a great spot for an evening event or product launch and offerings can be customised to suit. Looking for something else? Don’t forget the Duke of Brunswick has a number of options also available.

The perfect gift

Purchase gift vouchers to use at any of our Seriously Social Venues, including; The Duke of Brunswick, DoB on King William and Port Admiral Port Adelaide.

Tamara Findlay

As a Coeliac, this place is heaven. The ability to order something to eat without any doubt is amazing, the ability to wash it down ...

Jake Trudgen

Couldn’t have a better night if you tried. The staff are always friendly, the (Entirely Gluten Free) food is always amazing, and the bevvies are ...

Michelle Rothe

My beautiful man was concerned I never had more than a couple of gluten free options when dining out. The whole menu is gluten free ...

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