Meet the Team - The DoB on King William

Meet the Team.

What’s a seriously social pub without some seriously social crew ? Our team are more than just pub staff – they’re family. We look after each other so that we can best look after you.

So, here’s the family:

Simone Douglas


Simone has been seriously social for nearly 3 decades now – it’s what’s allowed her to love what she does. A true community champion Simone  is always looking for new and interesting ways to build community and create shared experiences that build on our six word story “The outside world doesn’t matter here”

Alex Fairgrieve


Literally, Alex does all kinds of work. That’s what ‘factotum’ means. As the gatekeeper to the wine list and the one responsible for sourcing all the amazing beverages we have on offer it is also him you have to thank for your fantastic knock off drink selection

Tiffany Hughes

Head Chef

Anytime you’ve been absolutely floored by the delicious gluten free treats placed in front of you, that’s thanks to the ingenuity and passion of Tiff. She is pushing the boundaries of gluten free food and we couldn’t be happier to her on board!

Dylan Hughes

Sous Chef

Dylan works tirelessly to make sure that the food coming out of our kitchen is of the upmost quality. He loves working with the customer to make sure that we meet all and any dietary needs that they have. Between him and Tiff we have an exceptional leadership Team in The kitchen.

Eden Potter

Cafe Queen

With a wealth of experience under her belt, and one of the longest standing members of the team, Eden will always make sure that when you step in the doors of the dob you feel like you’re at home. Whether you need a tasty tipple or a warm smile, she’s your gal.

Jennifer O’Shea

Team Member

Loved by all, Jen is always quick to share a laugh with anyone that walks through the door. Always putting the customers needs at the forefront, Jen will make sure that you’ll be coming back time and time again for more of her amazing service.

Kristen Speedy

Barista Extraordinaire

Speedy by name, speedy by nature. Kristen puts us all to shame with her work ethic and award winning service. Come and see her on Sundays for amazing coffee or even one of her signature cocktails if you’re feeling a little adventurous!


Bartender Extraordinaire

You’ll find Tristan at the cafe on Friday evenings, shaking delicious cocktails and regaling you with stories of every drink we have in the building.  

Donna Halls

Team Member

Taking a step back from the corporate world, you’d have no idea that Donna only just started with us, quickly picking up and excelling at everything you need to be a great barista and make peoples day!

Timothy James

Team Member

TJ found us through the cafe and quickly became an amazing part of the team at both venues. TJ loves learning all he can about hospitality so if you thought he was good now – just you wait!


Junior Staff

Despite being the youngest member of our staff, Cody puts us all to shame with his incredible work ethic and dedication to making sure every customer is happy and looked after.

Tom Benda

Team Member

Enthusiasm personified, Tom is always bouncing around the dob making sure that everyone is having the best possible time at all times.


Chef De Partie

Whether it is as simple as jam on toast or a full big brekkie, Gage puts in his all making sure everything that comes out of the kitchen is as delicious as it is aesthetically pleasing.


Chef de Partie

Though Dinesh is new to us, his experience and professionalism in the kitchen is unmatched. Bringing you some of the best cafe treats you’ll ever have.